The registration deadline has passed and we cannot accept any further attendees as we have reached the maximum venue capacity of 100 people.

Basic information:

The innovations in submersible and camera technology currently create quickly growing amounts of visual data. Exploration and analysis of these data volumes has to follow this progress. Thus, groups and institutions around the world are developing innovative methods and technologies to make the fundamental data accessible.
This workshop shall bring together people and their ideas to fuse the theoretical and practical solutions that are either promising or already in use.

The second circular is available here.

The first circular is available here

The program is now available.


The emphasis of the workshop is on methods for:
  • Image collection
  • Processing of images - correct colour, size, camera position, etc.
  • Still image/video annotation - strategies and practicalities
  • Annotation strategies for large data sets - including automation and crowd sourcing
  • Data management


The 2014 Marine Imaging Workshop is sponsored by:


The workshop will take place at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK from the:

7th to 10th of April 2014.

Information on travelling to NOCS is available here:

Information about accommodation can be found in this PDF

Two maps are available to explain:
i) the way to the NOCS
ii) the way to the icebreaker and dinner


The registration deadline for the workshop has passed.

The registration fee is £ 150 including the conference dinner. Information regarding the payment will be sent to you by mail, after the registration process (see link below)
Additional participants for the dinner cost £ 50 each (payable at the workshop registration).
No refunds for registration fees will be provided unless there are extenuating circumstances.
The maximum amount of participants for the workshop is limited at 100.

Payment of the registration fee is possible on the Payment page.

If you want to submit more than one abstracts, please repeat the registration process for the second abstract.

Delegates with limited imaging / annotation experience are welcome, however those with abstracts are given priority.

Important Dates:

02 Dec. 2013 - Registration and abstract submission open
18 Jan. 2014 - Registration for Attendants without abstracts open
24 Jan. 2014 - Abstract submission deadline
07 Feb. 2014 - Abstract acceptances announced
21 Feb. 2014 - Registration deadline
31 Mar. 2014 - Photo competition entry deadline
07 Apr. 2014 - Evening Icebreaker (Partners welcome)
08 - 10 Apr. 2014 - Workshop

Photo competition:

Submit your best underwater photos to be judged for prizes! Details about the photo submission and other information regarding the competition can be found in this pdf.

Organizing Commitees:

Scientific organising committee:
Jennifer Durden (NOCS, UK)
Linda Kuhnz (MBARI, USA)
Timm Schoening (Bielefeld, Germany)
Lenaick Menoit (IFREMER)
Rachel Przeslawski (Geoscience Australia)
Maggie Tran (Geoscience Australia)
Local organising committee:
Henry Ruhl
Debbie Yarrow
Kirsty Morris
Dan Jones
Claudia Alt
Rui Vieira
Leigh Marsh
Jen Durden