This page is dedicated to the image-based exploration of the oceans. News and selected publications will be presented as well as resources like conferences and journals focusing on marine research.

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New articles

Kerry et al. (2014)
Quality assurance in the identification of deep-sea taxa from video and image analysis: response to Henry and Roberts
Journal of Marine Science

Bender et al. (2013)
Autonomous exploration of large-scale benthic environments
IC on Robotics and Automation

Upcoming events

Geohab '14 Lorne, Australia
May 5-9, Conference

CVAUI '14 Stockholm, Sweden
August 24, Conference

OCEANS '14, St. Johns, Canada
September 14-19, Conference

MIW '14 @ NOCS

In the beginning of April 2014, a workshop on marine imaging was held at the National Oceanographic Centre in Southampton. The aim was to bring together people from various disciplines that use or plan to use image based analysis of the oceans. Topics included annotation of stills and video, access to big data and more. Further details can be found on the workshop page.