In the beginning of April 2014, the first workshop on marine imaging was held at the National Oceanographic Centre in Southampton. The aim was to bring together people from various disciplines that use or plan to use optical image based analysis of the oceans. Topics included: image acquisition, image processing, annotation of stills and video, automated image analysis, access and management of big image data.

The 2014 Marine Imaging Workshop was sponsored by:


30.04.2014 - The discussion outcome
07.04.2014 - The workshop program
05.12.2013 - The second circular

04.11.2013 - The first circular

Scientific Commitee:

Jennifer Durden (NOCS, UK), Linda Kuhnz (MBARI, USA), Timm Schoening (Bielefeld, Germany), Lenaick Menoit (IFREMER), Rachel Przeslawski (Geoscience Australia), Maggie Tran (Geoscience Australia)