Tuesday - 21.02. Wednesday - 22.02. Thursday - 23.02.
08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening Remarks Keynote: Yoav Schechner
"Opportunties in distributed imaging through scatter"
Keynote: Sönke Johnsen
"Seeing the underwater world through the eyes of animals"
09:30 Keynote: Jules Jaffe
"From the Titanic to the tiny: 30 years of inventing underwater imaging systems"
10:00 Ariell Friedman: An online platform for exploration, management and annotation of georeferenced images & videos Tim Walles: Comparing in situ imaging profiles from the Mini Deep-Focus Plankton Imager with Camera based ZooProcess analyses of net tows in the LakeLab mesocosms.
10:15 Tim Nattkemper: BIIGLE 2.0 - a software platform for collaborative web-based marine image annotation Klas Ove Möller: Undersampled and underrated? Resolving the small-scale distribution and impact of marine snow and zooplankton on carbon fluxes using towed and stationary imaging systems
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Jennifer Durden: Perspectives in visual imaging for marine biology and ecology: from acquisition to understanding Jonas Osterloff: Extracting scalar quantities from underwater images - a toolbox for image data from fixed observatorie Noelie Benoist: A generalised method to estimate megafauna biovolume from seabed photographs
11:15 Oscar Pizarro: Autonomous Benthic Monitoring Downunder Fahimeh Farhadifard: Underwater Video Processing: Marine Snow Removal Nicole Hildebrandt: Optical methods in zooplankton studies - how efficient is LOKI (Lightframe On-sight Key species Investigation) in analyzing Arctic zooplankton communities?
11:30 Henry Ruhl: Autonomous Ecological Surveying of the Abyss at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain Kristian Meissner: Fine-Grained Classification of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Anthony Bernard: Employing stereo-video imaging techniques to survey the reef associated fishes on the continental shelf of South Africa
11:45 Fabio De Leo: Seafloor cabled observatory networks: real-time lenses into the deep ocean Maia Hoeberechts: Automated Fish Counting for Fisheries Science: A Contest Cherisse Du Preez: Monitoring spatial and temporal variability at hydrothermal vents: a decade of repeated centimeter-scale mapping
12:00 Ola Oskarsson: Survey ROVs: Groundbreaking Technologies a Game Changer for Deep Sea Base Line Imaging Timm Schoening: Comparison of automated nodule detection strategies Session Q&A
12:15 Lunch break
12:45 Poster session & GEOMAR tours
13:15 Alexandra Branzan Albu: Teaching Underwater Image Processing with Graphical User Interfaces Derya Akkaynak: Bridging Optical Oceanography and Underwater Computer Vision Linda Kuhnz: Building an information-rich, insightful marine imagery database: fundamental principles
13:30 Daniëlle de Jonge: Towed video imagery analysis for monitoring hydrothermal background fauna: efficiency vs. scientific rigor Michael Kloster: Automated diatom image analysis with SHERPA Brian Schlining: Next-generation Annotation Management
13:45 Franzis Althaus - Towed camera imagery and benthic sled catches provide different views of seamount benthic diversity Daniel Brün: Integrating high performance computing and digital asset management for marine image analysis Carsten Schirnick: Management of Marine Media Metadata
14:00 Autun Purser: OFOS Acoustic: A towed imaging and sonar platform for sefloor exploration and impact monitoring - data collection, processing and publication Daniel Langenkämper: A multi-modal machine learning architecture for adaptive online object recognition in benthic image data Session Q&A
14:15 Ines Dumke: Underwater hyperspectral imaging applied on a seabed lander Matthew Wyatt: Rapid reporting of benthic habitats using deep learning with convolutional neural networks Break-Out Discussion Session
14:30 Session Q&A Session Q&A
14:45 Break-Out Discussion Session Break-Out Discussion Session
15:15 Closing remarks
15:45 Coffee break
16:15 Tali Treibitz: Advanced Optical Imaging in the Ocean Kevin Köser - Visual Mapping of the Central DISCOL Experimental Area
16:30 Dhugal Lindsay: Ultra-high definition underwater video: real-world testing from capture to archival and annotation Katleen Robert: ROV Photogrammetry for high resolution mapping of vertical corals reefs
16:45 Franzis Althaus: Stereo Deepwater Baited Remote Underwater Stereo-Video System (DeepBRUVS) - proof of concept and future direction Blair Thornton: Application of Multi-hectare 3D Visual Maps for Deep-sea Megabenthic Survey
17:00 Gerhard Herndl: A digital inline holographic microscope for exploration of ocean particles and plankton Tom Kwasnitschka: Virtual Vents: Photogrammetry of an entire hydrothermal vent field
17:15 Session Q&A Session Q&A
17:30 Poster Session & GEOMAR Tours
18:30 Conference Dinner
Photo competition award
Best poster award