Photo Competition

Submissions to the MIW 2014 photo competition (© Angiolillo, Mortensen, Nelson)


Four individual awards will be presented at the workshop dinner: one for each of the three categories (see below) and one audience voted award for the "people's choice". An independent judge will select the category winners:

Adriana Basques
International award winning wildlife/nature and underwater photographer.

Twitter: @adrianabasques


Images have to be submitted until 27th of January 2017!


A: Marine Natural Environment (e.g. biota, hydrothermal vents...)
B: Human Activities in the Marine Environment (e.g. archeology, disturbance, scientific gear ...)
C: Marine Art (manipulated photos)

A maximum of five entries may be submitted per entrant, no more than two in any category.


Each image must be submitted both electronically in advance and as a print at the registration on the first day of the workshop. Entries will be on display during the workshop. Only printed entries run for the audience award.
Images shall be original underwater photographs. All images must have been taken in 2015 or 2016 and never published elsewhere.
Only the person submitting the image will be eligible for the prize and not an institution, laboratory/office group or in name of a third person. This person must own the copyright or have written permission from the copyright holder. The person submitting the image must be registered for and be present at the workshop.
By submitting an image, entrants confirm compliance with these terms, and allow the full reproduction of prints on websites, specialized journals and/or media. Images may also be used in future promotional material for the event royalty free, but copyright remains with the copyright holder.

Image Manipulation Rules

Categories A & B: Colour correction and cropping is acceptable. However, it should be restricted to RAW conversion as necessary, sharpening, cropping, saturation, and contrast adjustment (levels and curves). Minor backscatter cleanup is allowed. Masking, compositing, cloning, multiple exposures, and other digital manipulation are not allowed.
Category C: All types of image manipulation are allowed.

Electronic Submission (required)

Images will be uploaded to Flickr (, but will not be available for public viewing.
Images must be provided in JPEG. Use at least 300 dpi at final size.
Entries for the Photo Competition must be emailed to with the photo as an attachment. The filename of your photo must be in the format 'surname_category#' where category is A to C and # is the number of submitted frame (1 or 2). The subject of the email must be the photo caption - it can be serious, factual or funny. The email body must contain one line each for: your name, your institution, the location and date of photo capture, a description (e.g. species name), and camera details (mount such as ROV or AUV, flash, aperture, shutter speed, ISO). You may include extra details such as dust reduction system, HD image capture or other unusual features.

Email Subject:Angry shrimp looking for prey
Email body:Erik Simon-Lledo
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Clarion Clipperton Zone, June 2016
Bathystylodactylus sp
Camera mounted on AUV, f10, 0.25 sec, ISO400

Confirmations of photo submissions will be sent by email. For more information or help with email upload, please visit the Flickr FAQ (

Print Submission (required)

Prints (including white borders) must be 12x10 inches (30.5x25.4 cm). One copy of each print should be supplied unmounted. Prints will not be returned.
On the reverse of each print write your full name, your organization or institution, category (A-C) and an identifying number (1-2), for example: Erik Simon-Lledo, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, A1.

The organizers' decision on any matters arising from the above mentioned rules shall be final.